Safety Process


COROSEL: 1012  –  (3in1 Solutions)

COROSEAL: 1012 is a single stage Pretreatment chemical which removes oil, light rust and forms an iron phosphate coating above iron, steel or Gl materials. It can be used in hot for shorter production cycle.

Process:                     3 in 1 solution dipping- Wiping with cloth – drying..

Product:                    COROSEAL: 1012 (3 in 1 SOLUTION)

Colour:                      Clear dark Greenish solution.

Sp. Gravity:               1.19-1.20 at 20°C.

Dosage:                      1: 2 / 3V / V.

Pointage:                   18-20 points per 10ml. sample. For 2.5% V/V solution.

Timing:                       3-5 Minutes at Room Temp..

Discardation:             On usage of the bath by dipping process. The oil and iron

Content will increase & leaving a powdery coating and start rusting. Discard the bath..

The materials, after drying should be painted immediately within 8 hours.

COROSEL: 1012  –  3 IN 1

Composition:          Phosphoric acid, Emulsifiers, Inhibitors based

Personal protection:   Use protective equipments like PVC gloves, rubber apron, Rubber gum boots and safety goggles and dust respirator.


 Ingestion:  Give copious amount of water to drink and try to vomit. Obtain immediate Medical   attention

Eye contact:  Flush eye with water holding eye lids apart for at least 10 minutes. Obtain immediate medical attention if irritation persists

Skin contact: Remove contaminated clothing. Wash skin with soap and water. Obtain immediate medical attention for any burns or ulcers.

Inhalation: Move to fresh air. Obtain immediate medical attention if irritation or difficulties in breathing persists.

Toxicity: Normally safe to handle when used according to the conditions specified in this Data sheet. Spills are irritating to eyes and respiratory system. Splashing of chemical or its solutions may cause irritation and chemical burns to eye and skin. The acidic nature may cause chemical burns to the mouth, throat and Gastro intestinal tract. The systemic toxicity is low.

Storage precautions:  Store in a well ventilated dry place away from heat / sun.

Spillage/ leak procedures:  Wash with Plenty of water and add lime or soda ash to neutralize the same

Disposal:   The solution is acidic and it should be neutralized with an alkali and diluted with sufficient water before dispose it to drain.

Fire & other hazards:  Non inflammable product.

Fire fighting & extinguishing Procedure: Use water hose.

Non warranty: All recommendations and information in this TDS & MSDS are based on our skill, experience and tests which we believe to be reliable but Coroseal Chemicals offers no guarantee and cannot accept responsibility for operations not under their direct control.